The most effective protections against Covid-19 are good personal hygiene practices, such as correct hand washing as demonstrated in the video below, and social distancing as required by the Department of Health Directives. 

Small Business owners must have a functional Workplace Health and Safety system in place as well as a Covid-19 Health Plan. 


Health plan information for your jurisidiction can be found at the relevant Government web site, for example in Queensland the current dirctives can be found at

If you don't have a safety system in place before you reopen your business you need to get one up and running as soon as you can. 


SAFTDOX is ready to go. We have already helped our clients get their Covid-19 Health Plans in place.  We can help you too.


As soon as you have your account you have a safety system.  Give it a try or ask us for more information using the Sign-Up form.

We can stop the spread!