Quick Steps to having your own safety system

Step 1 - Get organized

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 Subdivision 2 all duty holders must do whatever is reasonably practicable to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others at work.


AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems is the standard for Safety Management in Australi. This standard is not a legal  rquirement for small businesses yet.   But it sets out some basic elements that make managing safety much easier once you have them in place.  


At safTdox we have used these safety management principles in our design.

Step 2 - Create your policy documents

Policy documents are all of the documents that you need to manage safety.  This includes, for example, policies, procedures, forms, logs/registers, and training records.  

The very first thing to do is to put a Workplace Health and Safety Policy in place.  Here's a free sample for you H&S Policy


There are many free sources from which these documents can be created. State Regulators are the best place to source documents and information about small business safety.

safTdox gives you a starter pack of free, high quality, organized documents

Step 3 - Secure your documents

Keep your records.

Treat your safety records with the same amount of care as you do your accounting records.  

safTdox has no delete button.  No lost documents.

When a document is outdated or no longer used it is Archived. The Archives can be accessed by your Admin users for audit purposes but documents cannot be removed from your system. 

Step 4 - Version your documents

The files that you upload to safTdox are controlled documents. This means that they are NOT draft files or temporary files. They are documents that have been approved for use by an authorized person, or committee, within your organization.


This is the key to maintaining records that are of use to you as evidence for investigations, inpsections and court cases.  

If you don't have an online Safety Managemet  System then you should keep a manual Document Control Register

safTdox automates version management.

The Quality Management Concept & Design

They are controlled documents, consistent with ISO9001, which means they have intent, purpose, and have been approved.


These documents form the basis of your Work Health and Safety Management system and constitute the rules and methods that you have agreed to use at your workplace to keep workers safe, to manage risks, and to meet your legal obligations under the WHS Act relevant to your jurisdiction.

At safTdox we have used these quality management principles in our design.

Step 5 - Communicate with stakeholders

It is imperative that you communicate with your workers, get their opinions, and make sure that everyone undertands and adheres to your policies and procedures.  Enforcement of your safety program is up to you, the owner of the business.

Ask questions & listen to the repsonses.

safTdox simplifies communication by giving you a private safety portal to share with stakeholders.

Step 6 - Review, Monitor, Document, & Continue to Improve!

Once you have your documents and a plan in place it is relatively easy to review how your sytem is working.  You can check that all hazards have been removed, that all incidents are followed up and investigated, and that staff can identify improvements at the workplace.

 safTdox gives you peace of mind by simplifying safety management and protecting your documents.

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